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Ormus.Yoga offers a wide variety of hybrid trace mineral supplements to aid in one's spiritual growth, health, and well being. Continuing with Ormus Manna's enlightening Monatomic Gold product line, Ormus.Yoga has been made to help raise non-dual awareness and to share the extraordinary benefits of Ormus Monatomic Gold.  Did you know the Egyptians ingested the white powder of gold to aid in their spiritual progression?  They literally ingested gold to help them reach zero point coherence of consciousness.

Ormus Manna Gold is of Essence, One,  revealing The Great Work of a True Alchemist in every bottle.  All natural ingredients of the earth’s purest kind are applied to the great work of organic Alchemy, in combination with deep cultivation of Primordial Qi  during the extraction process.

Ormus Properties? What is It? Quantum Coherence? (synchronize brain hemispheres?) Anti-Aging? (cell regeneration?)
Heal & revert DNA and Consciousness back to the quantum coherent (zero point) field of unified~being!?!

To become Coherent (is to dissolve into Qi). One must discover the truth of our eternal (timeless) nature.   Ormus Manna Gold may help “set the scene” by naturally propagating the cellular playground of timeless (zero point coherence) potentially aiding in one’s ability to cultivate, manifest, and directly influence the flow of Qi (effortlessly with practice) into reality.  It seems that, as the subtle energies begin to appear on the radar, one naturally becomes more aware and is subtly attuned accordingly. Ormus Manna Gold has also been noted by some to amplify one’s intuitions, psychic abilities, and help to open one’s awareness to gradually ascend into higher states of consciousness as it is introduced to the light body’s organic mechanism.  Ormus Manna supplements the system with the finest blend of Ormus essential trace minerals, all of which combined have been known to accelerate the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate and align with the cosmic “blueprint”. (Increased metabolic rate, cellular rejuvenation, repair, and more) has also been described by some individuals.   It is NOT the Ormus that does the healing… It’s the harmonization of the Body, Mind, and Spirit (Trinity) that leads to spontaneous healings and zero point coherent states of consciousness.  Ormus Manna may help “set the scene” for this to occur.  Ormus Manna Gold “is known by some” to activate one’s Primordial Essence by attuning the senses to the Subtler Energies of the Universe.  Because of this, higher states of consciousness have been known to propagate in due time for whomever ingests this one-of-a-kind, remarkably~magical substance as its only purpose is of essence, one. 

 Ormus is a remarkable substance which is extracted from vital trace minerals that our bodies are usually depleted of. Ormus research has lead to a revolutionary new way to supplement the body and consciousness with everything it needs to flourish. Ormus Manna is easily absorbed by plants, animals, and people and hold within them some really amazing potential benefits for all involved.

The very best sources of ormus  trace minerals are abundantly found in ancient mineral deposits, ocean water, clay, transitional metals (pure gold), plants, etc.  Previously unknown to modern scientist, a farmer from Arizona named David Hudson began to discover these essential ormus elements accidentally while attempting to bring his dead soil fields back to life by ‘swinging’ the PH of the soil… Inspired to look even deeper into the matter, David found ways to fund over 8 million dollars of extensive research experiments with state of the art science facilities at his disposal in order to reveal what he would have called the missing link, or holy grail, the manna of the immortals, or the fountain of youth. This research into ormus showed fantastic and mystical behaviors detectable not only in plants, but also the human body and consciousness. Since then, many of us have continued to research and develop new and improved methods for extracting this one of a kind unique substance so now it can be properly introduced to the world around us and to those who need it most. Whether it's for a friend or a loved one, a garden or a pet, ormus is truly an amazing gift that keeps on giving. Try it today!




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